At, we receive a lot of products for testing and reviewing. When the iGC package arrived, we were surprised at the quality of very useful golf items in the attractive gift box. So, we took each item out one-by-one and gave them the test of usefulness, quality and value. They all met the test with high marks. There’s something in the package that every golfer can use.

The iGC provided us with the following:

  • Six (6) golf balls with urethane cover, three piece,
  • One (1) cabretta leather golf with magnetic ball marker,
  • Two (2) izzo “flatball” training aids,
  • Ten (10) golf tees (high durability, star pattern), and
  • One (1) ballmark/on course game sample from Vegas Golf the Game.

This is only a sample of the kinds of products a golfer receives with either a seasonal (March – September) or year-round subscription to the iGC package plan. The cost is the same for either subscription, $19 per month, plus $2.95 for shipping.

This package makes for a great gift for yourself or for your golfing friends.  You or they will love receiving a gift each month. Yep, and each month there’ll be a surprise that is very useful to any golfer.

We think this is a novel idea and will be successful. Much so that we’ve created a program for you, our readers, to receive your first box of golfing items FREE by going to the iGC website and redeem the coupon using "GGTiGC".  When you subscribe you’ll just need to cover shipping.  We would like your feedback on this offer. Just drop us a note at

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