Sight Ball...Golf’s ONLY On Ball Training/Alignment Aide
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We at receive all kinds of golfing information, tips, products, etc.  From time to time, we like to do some testing and checking of products to see if they live up to the claims made by the marketing message.  When the Sight Ball arrived, we thought this might be something to explore and pass on to our reader…be it good or not so good.

First we took the Sight Ball to the putting green to see if it helped in anyways to keep the ball on line to the hole.  By lining up the Sight Ball to the direction you need to putt, given undulations, etc., it worked! Not being the greatest putter, but a fairly good one, we were able to sink about 75 percent.  Passed this test.

Chipping and short game is just as important as long drives and putts.  The Sight Ball is a big help to lining up the ball to the target area on the green.  Of course, you cannot move or pick up the ball in the fairway or rough, but the way the Sight Ball is designed, you can make this alignment with no problem. There are four alignment imprints on each ball allowing you to use at least one under most circumstances.

Now for the tee shots.  Here is where the Sight Ball really comes in handy.  Just line it up in the direction you want to hit your shot and the rest is up to your swing plane.  Very helpful indeed!

Our review and recommendation is that you can use one of the lining devices available in most big box golf stores or use the Sight Ball.  We recommend the Sight Ball that is a no hassle marking needed since it already comes marked on four sides.

The following is a press release we received from Sight Ball and should answer most of your questions.  Check out the website at and order a six pack today.  They are worth trying.

Topeka, KS, - Sight Ball a one of a kind “On Ball” golf training and alignment aide is now available for purchase.  The announcement was made by young entrepreneur Harry Briggs, the creator of Sight Ball and the company’s Founder and President.

Briggs, an avid golfer and industry employee with eight years of on course experience noticed that there were no golf training aides that were actual golf balls, except for simple putting alignment lines. “I figured there should be something on the actual ball to help your game,” Briggs said. “This ball helps with a golfer’s stance, focus and accuracy.” Briggs added that Sight Ball can be used to help with tee shots as well as a player’s short game and putting and can be used on a golf course whereas most golf training aides cannot.

Sight Ball has six sights, or targets, four of which are used to help the golfer to correctly align themselves with the ball. One points in the desired direction of the ball, one points upward toward the golfer’s face as they look down, another at the feet to gauge proper stance, and the last lines up with the club at the back of the ball.

The intention is for a golfer using the ball during practice to begin by pointing a sight toward the target and one face up toward the golfer. The golfer also looks at a sight pointing at his or her feet to get the correct stance and then lines up a club with a sight in the back before swinging.

Briggs spent more than a year developing the first Sight Ball prototype. He then took it to the Washburn University Small Business Development Center for professional business development assistance. “They helped me with product design and production, Briggs said.

It would take another year of research and development to create the final Sight Ball design or Method; the six sighted golf ball training aid. Further testing indicated that the Sights lined up on the ball actually did help golfers with focus, accuracy, and their stance; an ideal “in-play” and training aid. It was after the research, development, and patenting the “Method” that the Sight Ball business was ready to go this past winter.

Sight Balls are now available on the company’s website, A six pack of Sight Balls retails for $14.95 with a bucket of Sight Balls, 36, retailing for $69.95. Briggs is working on expanding Sight Ball distribution to major golf retailers and green grass pro shops. “One of my goals is to get the “Sight Ball Method” on all top golf ball brands, says Briggs. Currently the Sight Ball Method is available on Top Flite balls.

More about Sight Ball and Founder Harry Briggs

Sight Ball creator and founder Harry Briggs originally came up with the idea in 2011 while working at the Sycamore Golf Course in Spring Hill, Kansas. It took him more than three years to arrive at the current design of the ball, The Sight Balls method and get the company ready for production and marketing.

A 2014 graduate of Washburn University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Briggs worked with the University’s Small Business Development Center director Karl Klein to perfect the Sight Ball concept and take it to market. Briggs also credits his parents, Steve and Barbara Briggs for their support in developing the business. To date, Sight Ball has sold more than 6,000 packages, primarily to beginning golfers, some PGA professionals for use as a training device and several high school golf teams.

Briggs plans to grow the business by creating new products to help improve people’s golf games. He would also like to see the Sight Ball Method on all brands of golf balls. “Everyone has their favorite brand of ball that they would like to use. I think they would enjoy having the Sight Ball Method on their favorite brand,” he concluded.