Review of the RZN Distance and MS-Tour Golf Balls
Back in 2016, Nike decided to get out of the golf equipment business. So, RZN based in the Miami, Florida area decided to take over the making of this brand of golf balls and provide some of the best technology for both professional and amateur players.
The RZN brand has won over 50 tour events and continues to be an excellent choice in golf balls. We at decided to give the two new models a test drive to see how they played. We tested the RZN Distance and MS-Tour balls to see if there really is a difference. We also used three other high-end golf balls to make some comparisons.
One of our first observations is the imprint of an alinement mark on the ball that keeps you from having to mark your ball for putting. The lines are large enough without having to squint or get too close to the ball for alining.  It works nicely.
The RZN Distance ball has a special resin core for enhancing the distance of your shot whether it be with irons or woods. Using the same swing as close as possible, we found this ball to go about as far as all the others in our review testing.
On the side of the box of three balls, it states that it is a “Micro dimple technology with a high resilient ionomer cover.” OK, so what does “ionomer” mean. We looked it up and here’s what Wikipedia says: “An ionomer is a polymer composed of repeat units of both electrically neutral repeating units and ionized units covalently bonded to the polymer backbone as pendant group moieties. Usually, no more than 15-mole percent are ionized. The ionized units are often carboxylic acid groups.” Makes sense and to improve on distance, it has Micro-Dimples to reduce drag, improve carry, and overall distance.  The company also states that it has an overall penetrating trajectory. We’ll take their word for these statements. All we know is that the golf ball is solid and goes a bit further than the other three high-end balls we compared. As for putting, the RZN Distance holds the speed and direction it is putt.  It's designed to maximize distance with the effortless swing while keeping a soft feel of the ball. MSRP: $19.95 per dozen.
Reviewing the RZN MS-Tour ball, we found that this soft and powerful golf ball is fit for all players, not just those on the tour. This ball gave us a higher trajectory, a longer distance, and more spin for landing on the green. The three-piece ball has a larger core that allows for greater distance…and, that we liked…a lot. For short irons, it has a mantle layer and allows for more spin around the green. The outside layer or cover has a micro dimple technology and the anti-slip urethane for reducing drag and giving you faster speed. As we stated, this ball is for all levels of players and should be your choice in case you have doubts about other golf balls. Expect a soft and powerful tour ball targeted for medium swing speed players. (The characteristics of the MS-Tour ball are similar to the ProV1)  MSRP: $29.95 per dozen
Yes, there really are differences in golf balls…even comparing these two golf balls from the same manufacturer, there are differences. We hope you enjoyed these reviews and will let us know how your experiences are with each of these RZN balls. Let us know at
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