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Polara Golf’s New Advantage Driver

We were invited to “test” the new Advantage Driver made by Polara Golf. Reading the material that accompanied the stylish black driver, it promises to reduce hooks and slices up to 75%. It also touts that the club is designed to be the Longest Hitting Driver in Golf. Now who would’nt want to reduce hooks and slices as well as hit the golf ball further off the tee? I would!

Upon arriving at our headquarters in Tennessee where we overlook the 18th green of a beautiful golf course, I decided to stroll to the driving range some 150 yards away and give the Polara Advantage Driver a test. Now, I must admit I did receive a dozen Polara Ultimate Straight and XDS golf balls…promoted as the “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls.” They are sold as part of “the fix” to hooks and slices. No, I did not use the dozen balls on the range…but, later I did on the course.

I am a boggy golfer…always have been and not getting any better, no matter what equipment you put in my bag. Anything over 200 yards off the tee is a super shot for me. When I hit the Advantage Driver, I did get a bit more distance and I liked the ladies shaft and 10.5 loft driver sent to me for testing. The golf balls and driver certainly took what little slice I have in my current driver. I’d say that my distance may have gained 10 to 20 yards. Will I trade my TaylorMade Burner for the Polara Advantage Driver? The jury is still out and I’m seriously considering the swap.

Not wanting to take my skills and swing as the final test for this Advantage Driver, I selected several of my golf buddies to hit the club, along with the “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls.” The following are comments to their reaction from hitting the Polara club and balls:

  • Dan Gladney of Estero, FL. – A low handicapper and excellent golfer. “I like it a lot and I hit the ball as straight as any ball I ever hit. I probably got about the same distance. I really like the shaft in this club.”
  • Stone Isaacs of Morristown, TN – This is my 16 year-old grandson and has been playing 5 years, can hit the ball a long way…like 250-plus yards. Has a tendency to slice the ball. “I like the club and balls. It definitely helped control my slice. I did hit the ball further and straighter.”
  • Dylan Isaacs of Morristown, TN – My other grandson who is 13 and plays on his middle school’s golf team. He’s also been playing some 5 years and is an excellent young golfer. “I like the swing of the club and feel that I hit it straighter with the Polara golf balls. I want one for playing in tournaments.”
  • Phil Zwieg of Fairfield Glade, TN – A low handicapper and fine golfer. Hits the ball consistently straight and accurate. “I like the Polara Advantage Driver and I get a longer drive from using it. I really don’t have a hook or slice in my swing…at least not on every shot.”
  • There were several other low handicappers that I asked to test the Polara Advantage Driver and “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls.” They all appreciated my invitation and thought the club and balls are a nice addition to the game of golf.

Having tested and tried many golf clubs and golf balls, I would rate the Polara Advantage Driver and “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls” an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. We at GoGolfandTravel.com would highly recommend the combination to people needing to correct hooking and slicing. And, most people do get a bit more distance.

View a short video of this driver and the people who tested this golf product...CLICK HERE.

The following is additional information about the Polara Advantage Driver and “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls.”

The press release states: “The Advantage Driver goes far beyond the performance limits set forth by the USGA. Its ultra-thin Beta-Titanium Face is lighter, stronger, and more resilient than standard Titanium drivers creating a ‘trampoline effect’ that delivers explosive distance off the tee!

Whether you’re a hard-hitting golfer looking for some extra yardage, a golfer looking to recapture the distance from years gone by, a golfer with a slower swing speed who’s craving an extra 30 yards, or a current user of the Polara Ultimate Straight or XDS golf balls, this club is GUARANTEED to deliver more distance than any driver on the market.

The 475cc oversized head has a larger, more forgiving sweet spot that delivers better accuracy and consistency on mishits and is available in 4 lofts (10.5, 12, HL1, HL3) and in 4 shaft flexes (Stiff, Regular, Light, Ladies) so you can find the one that best fits your game.”

Interested in buying?
You can purchase any Polara driver for $199 ($100 discount) and get a free Polara 6-ball trial pack. For additional information or to purchase a Polara driver go to www.BuyPolaraDriver.com or call (866) 556-3100 and a trained Polara Golf Specialist will determine which driver will give you much more yardage – guaranteed.

Driver Fitting Chart
Not sure which Advantage Driver is right for your swing? Make sure and visit the Driver Fitting Chart (http://www.polaragolf.com/advantage-driver) on our website before you make your purchase and we’ll help you determine which loft and flex shaft is best for your game.