Muira KM-007 Mallet Putter
...A Sure-Fire Stroke Cutter!

To golfers, the putter is a personal thing.  It takes time to get use to using a putter and usually nearly one-half of your score is based on how well you putt.

Taking on the Miura KM-007 mallet putter became a very serious assignment for those of us at  There are literally hundreds of putters on the market.  So, how do we give one putter a review without taking on others?  But, we did.

For the first half-dozen balls I struck, the distance to the hole was short compared to the white hot I’m accustomed.  However, after a dozen or so putts, there was no comparison to the solid feel the KM-007 delivered.  I like the shape, the look, the feel and the positive response the KM-007 mallet putter gave me within less than 10 minutes on the putting green. 

The KM-007 Miura mallet putter is the fourth of five putters they offer.  The KM stands for the company’s founder, Katsuhiro Miura.  He begins the creation as all Miura putters using a billet of the finest quality of low-carbon steel. Once forged into the proper raw shape, the KM-007 mallet is computer-numeric controlled and milled into an elegant mallet-shaped design to please the eye of players looking for some heft behind the ball. 

We discovered that the KM-007 provided us a more face-balanced option for this style and other styles of putters. Gofers also have the option of selecting the KM-350, which is a heel-shafted model that is relatively short from heel-to-toe and appeals to players with more of a fan-shaped putting stroke. Miura also offer the KM-005 and the KM-006, whose shaft intersection point is closer to the center of the putter face.  These are known as “quarter-hang” models that are balanced mostly for back-and-through swingers. We found that the KM-007 works well for that kind of stroke too.

Mr. Miura felt the company needed to take care of mallet players.  He came up with a design that we feel is pleasing to the eye and also offers a soft feel.  We like the fact that the mallet putter has a non-glare, milled finish.  As already stated, putting is very personal and Miura created a handsome look as well as a solid feel.

We at are please to give a solid endorsement to the KM-007 Miura mallet putter.  This is a winner and now in my bag until Miura comes along with a better putter.

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