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Evolve Golf, Inc. is based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. They create, distribute and sell some of the most essentials of golf, yet the pieces…and, prices are very small. That’s because the items they distribute and sell are tees, ball markers, divot tools and socks.  This company is environmentally friendly and produces some of the best quality products in the golfing industry. And, if you are planning a golf tournament, be sure to have them design a package of their products with your logo, making your event top notch.  In reviewing, we found all of their products except for one, are made in the USA.  Furthermore, all of their P1Rx, SweetMRX, hand forged metals, Motionwool socks and Epoch tees are made in the Carolinas.
First, let’s talk about socks. Never thought we would be extolling socks on GoGolfandTravel.com. Let me tell you, this is not your typical golf sock. Evolve Golf produces three kinds of socks; the Ultra-Light, Sport Cushion (these two are up to the ankle) and Performance Crew (covers up to the calf)  in their lineup. They call them Motionwool socks. Merino wool blended with synthetic fibers, gives you a no slip compression and a true mesh venting. Now, this provide you with a durable, moisture wicking sock that is supremely comfortable. Once you wear either of these styles, you’ll never go back to the old cotton sock.
For us tree huggers, let’s talk about the Epoch golf tee. If we do the math by calculating some 900 million rounds of golf in the world each year and an average round of golf uses six wood tees, it adds up to 5.4 billion tees. A typical tree will produce some 20,000 tees and by using only one tee per round, we’ll save 270,000 trees per year. So we can do our fair share and use environmentally friendly Epoch tee and save the Planet…well, at least will save trees and clean up the tee box.
Project Good Woods is for those of you who prefers a wooden golf tee. Evolve Golf is committed to helping with planting trees in areas affected by hurricanes and wildfires. They will be planting more than 10,000 trees in the coming year to help this cause. Project Good Woods as part of the Evolve program will give a portion of every sale of this program to the Arbor Day Foundation.  These tees will be available in birch and bamboo with full custom options of imprints on the shafts and the cup to highlight your club.
Evolve Golf has also designed the best divot repair tool.  It is called the P1Rx or the Better Pitch Mark by Design.  This is one of the most durable, rigid and single prong repair tool available. It features a simple ergonomic design that promotes proper pitch mark repair. It has an easy-to-use club rest to keep grips dry. These EC2 Foundry Metals are uniquely hand forged and represent the quality you deserve.
When it comes to ball markers, the SweetMRX Composite Ball Markers come in whatever shape, form or fashion you want for your golf club, your company golf outing or for individuals wanting to purchase a ball marker to show off their game.
At our request, Evolve Golf’s CEO, Benjamin Maloy gave us this quote that sums up what the company is all about: “For us to bring a product to market it has to be better for the golfer, better for the golf course and better for the planet. 15 years ago, we set out to create a better golf tee.  Our success as a tee company opened the door for Evolve to expand into bespoke tee gifts, including custom hand forged EC2 metals and our custom knitted Motionwool socks.  Our commitment to sustainability expanded to include Project Good Woods, wood tees that plant trees in partnership the Arbor Day Foundation. With our current product offerings and the products that we have coming down the pike, we believe Evolve Golf is positioned to serve golfers, the game, and the golf courses we love well into the foreseeable future.” 
GoGolfandTravel.com is proud to provide this review to our readers and to support companies with integrity and passion for the game of golf.
CLICK HERE to view a short video featuring Alyssa Kerry, the Product Marketing Manager for Evolve Golf, Inc.
Evolve Golf, Inc.
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Website: https://evolvegolf.com/
Phone: 1-866-614-3158
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