Air Force One Unveils Its Outstanding
AFX Game Improvement Set Of Irons For Any Golfer
…and, The Price Is Under $400!

Reviewing golf products at is serious business.  We do not take these items as a gift or incentive to say something good about golf equipment, fashions, etc.  If they are great, we say they are great and tell you why.  If not so great, we’ll call it like we see it.

We offered to review the new set of “Game Improvement Irons” from Air Force One (AFO).  When opening the package, we were most impressed with the look and feel of the 8 golf clubs.  They came as pitching wedge, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 & 3 hybrid.  Before taking these beauties to the course, we wanted to know the cost.  For what we were seeing and feeling the $399 price tag had us wondering if they would play just as well or better than ones we’ve reviewed approaching $1,000.  We’ll see!

In the world of golf, "OEM" is an acronym that stands for "original equipment manufacturer." Practically all clubs you see displayed in golf shops, sporting goods stores, etc. are OEM’s.  We’ll not go into more definitions than needed but this one is needed.  The AFO game improvement irons are built like any other iron, except the difference here is they are Nitrogen charged (filled) heads.  Air Force One was born in America in 2009 and has achieved multiple consumer awards from major golf outlets such as MyGolfSpy and Golf Digest's Hotlist.  AFO game improvement irons are sold worldwide.  Air Force One prides itself on custom fitting and consumer 30-day performance guarantee to ensure ultimate performance and satisfaction on the course. Air Force One provides one of the largest selections of OEM shaft choices and custom fitting options.

To simplify, Air Force One is using a metal wood technology for supporting and improving the face of the club without adding weight.  They are also placing Nitrogen in the 3 and 4-hybrid iron heads of the iron set.  The hollow design of the hybrids is slightly larger than other heads, blending nicely with the 9 through 5 irons.

Nitrogen Charged Technology uses nitrogen gas inside a hollow-back iron supported by 50 pounds of pressure. This allows Air Force One to create a super thin face with no internal bracing, creating an enormous sweet spot with no hot or dead spots. It creates incredible consistent ball flight and distance from club to club.

We did not see any difference in hitting the same distance with one club versus the same club from a more costly set.  These long irons really connect and launch the ball with not very much spin…which is good in our estimation. Knowing that the hollow club with Nitrogen might have a different sound and feel that was not the case.  They all felt very solid at contact with the ball.

Some hybrids are a bit difficult hit…at first.  For someone who prefers to hit a long iron with accuracy and make up the distance with the short game, these two clubs (3 & 4) are very easy to hit from the get-go.  We were striking the ball with the hybrids no different than hitting the 6 or 5 irons.  We are now able to pick up some 10 to 30 yards of distance when needed on par 3’s or second shots requiring a bit more than the 5 iron can deliver.

Ross Kvinge
AFO President

AFO President Ross Kvinge stated: "One advantage we have with this set compared to the competition is our Nitrogen Charged Technology.  This lets us create the ultimate performance game-improvement iron. We progress from the hard-to-hit long irons utilizing hybrid technology, then utilize a hollow pressurized cavity for the mid-irons. And for the accuracy of the short irons, we offer them in a cavity back.  This is a combination that most golfers will enjoy and benefit from."

All in all, we give these AFO “game improvement” irons high marks and strong recommendation no matter what your budget.  For the golfer who is budget-minded or needing a set to begin playing to make sure they can enjoy the game…this is your best deal.

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Click here to watch a short YouTube video of these outstanding clubs.

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