The Aiming
…a device to keep your golf ball going in the right direction.

the aiming, golf
"The Aiming" - height : 55.5mm, width : 28mm, depth : 15mm, weight : 19g

Most teaching golf professionals give great instructions on grip, stance, balance, take-away, swing, follow through, etc.  Not much time is spent on instructing students on aiming the shots.  Where to align the feet and shoulders to hit the ball where you want it to go.  “The Aiming” is now the answer!  We mean it.  Several times a month receives golf related products to review in hopes that we will pass on to our reader’s positive comments.  

We take our reviews very seriously and call the shots where they fall.  So here is our review of “The Aiming.”

It works.  It’s simple to use doesn’t get in the way of your swing or delays your game.

The Aiming, golfHere how it works.  The Aiming” comes in black or white with a charging cord that connects with your USB on your computer or one of the USB power adapters.  Whether you or on the driving range, tee box or in the fairway, it works the same.  There is one power button you push to activate the motion sensor.  Wearing the device on your belt either to the side or towards your back, stand behind your golf ball, then push the button.  You will feel a strong vibration from the device.  Then stand in the position to hit the ball.  The device will then vibrate in different tones to tell you if you need to move your feet/body to the left or right…or, you are ready to swing.  It’s that easy!

As we normally do with all testing/reviewing of golf related products, we ask golfers who are low handicappers and play two to four times a week.  We take their comments very seriously and here’s what several had to say about “The Aiming.”

  • “Amazing and would be worth the cost to have this device to confirm my stance and setup for direction.”
  • “’The Aiming’ helped me to adjust my setup and kept me in the fairway.  I like it.”
  • “By using ‘The Aiming,’ I could focus more on my swing and be assured my direction was in place and my ball would be going in the right direction.”

The Aiming, golfWe researched the technology being used to allow “The Aiming” to know how to set up a golfer for aiming in the right direction.  It uses a sensor fusion technology and rotation algorithm to read your direction and keep you on track.  The company claims the lithium polymer rechargeable internal battery (adopted protection circuit) takes about one hour for a full charge and can last for up to 10 rounds of golf.  “The Aiming" is water resistant in daily activity (splash proof) but cautions to take care in using the product in heavy rain or other severe weather.

As we all know, the game of golf is played more with the mind than with the body.  This the psychological stability of knowing you are aiming in the right direction is a big part of the game.  You know you can swing the club and make a great shot without worrying about where the ball is going.