aboutGolf’s new technology series
showcased at PGA Merchandise Show

aboutGolf, the world leader in golf simulator and golf performance technology, showcased on a aG Curve, PGA TOUR Widescreen simulator with an upgraded Canon 4K projector, and aG’s new 1400 series technology at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. 

The aG Curve Simulator with 1400 series technology included an immersive panoramic screen with fully integrated multimedia capabilities, over 70 golf courses and 20 driving range venues, software updates, games, technology and improved realism   It’s the industry’s most accurate simulator on the market. 

Other features of the 1400 series include a new practice range, new games; which requires skill with both driving and approach shots, a competition course which brings a new twist to the Classic Event closest to the pin and long drive contests, club fitting 2.0, improved visibility on curves, aG Flix, and enhanced club tracking with the 3Trak Enhancements.

The 1400 series is our biggest update to date and now offers exclusive aboutGolf data with club fitting which lets you compare club performance, or your overall game from year to year,” said Randall Henry, CEO of aboutGolf. 

ABOUT aboutGolf

aboutGolf is a world leader in golf simulator and golf performance technology and is proud to be The Official Golf Simulator Provider of the PGA TOUR and the Exclusive on-air simulator for the Golf Channel. The more than 25-year-old, Ohio-based company is committed to developing and applying innovative, state-of-the-art technology to enhance and improve the game for golfers at every level. Its products, including PGA TOUR Simulators, aG Studio and Henry-Griffitts Custom Fit Golf Clubs, enable substantive learning and improvement in the game of golf. For more information go to: www.aboutgolf.com

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