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Golf products & reviewsWhether you are looking for the latest golf ball, driver, bag, shoes, weather wear or spikes.  This is the place to see and read about the latest in golfing equiptment and products.  In most cases, we have tested and tried all that are shown in this section.

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Scottsdale, AZ -- Miura Golf has introduced its MC-501 Muscle Cavity irons. "When Shinei Miura and the design team were creating the MC-501, their aim was to improve ball contact and control," says Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf.  "Although blade models typically target a specific skill set, Shinei wanted this new model to appeal beyond just the low-handicap player."


"We are very excited about the first new offering of this Miura Golf model since we introduced the 1957CB Series," adds McGarity.  "More new products from Miura Golf are on the way in 2018." 
As the longest heel-to-toe blade model ever produced by Miura, the MC-501 is suited for blade and cavityback players who want to improve shot forgiveness on off-center strikes. Engineers repositioned 20 grams toward the sole, thus increasing its width and strategically redistributing the clubhead's center of gravity to help shots get airborne with more ease. The MC-501 also incorporates Yoshitaka Miura's iconic Y-grind sole that blunts and softens the clubhead's leading edge, to improve turf interaction. (READ MORE...)

Datrek Launches 2 New Golf Bags for 2018 Season and
TOP-LOK™ Attachment System on 4 Bags

Richmond, VA – Datrek Golf proudly announces their 2018 bag line featuring 2 new bags – the Trekker Stand Bag and the SGO Cart Bag. New colorways are also introduced in the redesigned Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag, Lite Rider II Cart Bag and DG Lite II Cart Bag. “We are excited to introduce our new bag line, the Trekker being a true “carry bag” and the remaining 4 models now include our innovative attachment system, TOP-LOK™ Technology,” said Pat Gallagher, Dynamic Brands Product Manager. TOP-LOK™ Technology was introduced earlier this year by Bag Boy on their carts and golf bags. Datrek Golf is a brand under the Dynamic Brands portfolio of premium
brands, along with Bag Boy.
TOP-LOK Technology“TOP-LOK™ Technology is a patented bag-to-cart attachment system designed to securely lock a Bag Boy or Datrek bag onto a Bag Boy push cart preventing the bag from twisting or turning, eliminating the need for cart straps,” said Gallagher. “We created a secure attachment that was lacking in the traditional brackets and straps method. The benefit with TOP-LOK™ is your bag will no longer twist and turn, requiring readjustment in the middle of your round,” explained Gallagher. (READ MORE...)

World’s Only Vertical Groove Driver
Enjoys Successful First Year in Marketplace
Innovative Driver Earned Two Professional Victories Including a Major Championship in 2017;
Driver Also Finished the Season Ranked #1 in Driving Distance
and #2 in Accuracy on PGA TOUR Champions

Vertical Groove Golf, manufacturer of the world’s only Vertical Groove Driver capped off an impressive first season in the marketplace, highlighted by two victories on the PGA TOUR Champions - including a Major Championship. The Driver also finished the season ranked #1 in Driving Distance and #2 in Driving Accuracy on the PGA TOUR Champions, and enjoyed expanded distribution in global golf markets.

Highlighting the season, Global Ambassador and Two-Time Major Champion, John Daly, captured his first professional tournament victory in the U.S. since 2004, winning the PGA TOUR Champions’ 2017 Insperity Invitational. Additionally, with the Vertical Groove Driver in his bag, Daly finished #1 in Driving Distance on the PGA TOUR Champions and improved his Driving Accuracy compared with 2016; enjoyed two 2nd Place finishes in PGA European TOUR events; made his first cut on the PGA TOUR since 2015; unleashed a 380 yard drive on the 13th hole of the North Course at Silverado Resort & Spa, during Sunday’s final round of the PGA TOUR’s Safeway Open; and finished 4th in the Charles Schwab Cup Championship, while finishing the season 14th on the money list. (READ MORE...)

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Launches Club Demo Program  



FORT WORTH, Texas, -- Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC, manufacturer of premium golf clubs and golf bags, announced today it has launched a Demo Program to allow golfers to try its premium line of golf clubs before they purchase.


“We understand that many players want to touch, feel, hold and, most importantly, hit new golf clubs before buying them,” said Scott White, President and CEO, Ben Hogan Golf. “We are completely confident that when golfers compare Ben Hogan irons or hybrids to their current clubs, or other clubs they may be considering for purchase, they will prefer premium Ben Hogan products." (READ MORE...)

Indi Golf Introduces New StingRay Wedges
With Unprecedented Spin and Control ‚Äč


Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high performance golf clubs, introduces new StingRay Wedges featuring unmatched feel and spin. Indi Golf has designed the StingRay wedges so that golfers of any skill level can achieve tour player control and spin rates.

“Professional golfers practice eight hours a day and hit over one thousand balls a session,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf. “Our design team created the StingRay Wedge for the 99+% of golfers who love golf but don’t make their living playing the sport. Compiling decades of industry experience, creative thinking, and premium quality manufacturing, The StingRay delivers what we think golfers want - playability, lower scores, and more fun.”  (READ MORE...)

SkyTrak Partners with Fitness Golf to Combine Course Play

with an Optional Fitness Component


Winston-Salem, NC, – SkyTrak LLC, a joint venture of SkyGolf and SportTrak, announces a new partnership with Fitness Golf. This partnership will give SkyTrak users the ability to play over 160 simulated golf courses using SkyTrak alone, or add accessories to get a full aerobic workout while playing golf!

The Fitness Golf software provides simulation access to a wide variety of world-renowned courses. Golfers can choose from three options: Golf Only, where a player remains stationary after each shot while advancing automatically to the ball's location; Fitness Golf, where a player takes a shot, then runs, walks or bikes to their next hitting location; or Fitness Only, where the user runs, walks or bikes through any golf course in the software without playing golf.


“We’re excited to offer the Fitness Golf package to our SkyTrak users,” said Andy Allen, SportTrak Managing Director of Golf. “Combining fitness and golf makes perfect sense, especially if you don’t have time to do both separately. Fitness Golf is a terrific way for you to make exercise more enjoyable while playing a round of golf on a great golf course.”


Miura Debuts ICL-601 Driving Iron
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- Miura has introduced the ICL-601 driving iron. This Inner Cavity - Long Iron is the latest in Miura's MG Collection, and blends seamlessly with a set of any Miura irons. The initial offering is a 23° 4-iron, with an 18° 2-iron and 20° 3-iron available later this fall.
"The inner cavity design is not new for Miura," says Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf.  "It was first introduced with the hugely popular IC-2003. Modern technological advances have allowed us to improve on the original design. This is accomplished by integrating a 455 Carpenter Steel face (as found in our PP-9005 G) and the use of the variable weighting system found in the Hayate woods." (READ MORE...)


RENENS, SWITZERLAND - TPT Golf™ announced a new range of graphite golf shafts that debuted during the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show. Using 'Thin Ply Technology' (TPT) carbon fiber materials and a patented manufacturing process developed by its parent company, North Thin Ply Technology SARL, TPT Golf™ is setting new standards in shaft performance.
The patent-pending manufacturing process enables golf shafts to be made withexceptionally accurate fiber placement in a highly uniform way around the shaft. This method creates a spineless shaft and overcomes the inconsistencies sometimes seen in shafts produced by the more-traditional table rolling methods. TPT shafts provide exceptional feel, leading to tighter shot dispersion, low spin and increased distance.
TPT Golf has a team of dedicated experts who are working on building shafts for Tour players. (READ MORE...)

Miura Golf Debuts CB 2008 Irons For All Skill Levels

Miura Golf has introduced its new CB 2008 irons, which dispel the notion that forged irons are only for better players. "The CB 2008 epitomizes how advancements in technology can be delivered to golfers of all skill levels," says Bill Holowaty, COO of Miura Golf. "The midsize clubhead combines a soft carbon forged face and neck with a composite, pocket cavityback. This design allows for a wider sole, lower center of gravity, larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. Meaning that regardless of your ability, a Miura forged iron is waiting for you." (READ MORE..)

Miura Golf Debuts Hayate Driver and Fairway Woods

Miura Golf has introduced its new Hayate driver and fairway woods. Pronounced "hi yaw tay", Hayate directly translates to "the sound of the wind", says Bill Holowaty, COO of Miura Golf.  "The Miura family has worked long and hard to create models that offer forged excellence to golfers who don't strike the ball consistently. The same can now be said with the Hayate line of woods. The patience and attention to detail of Shinei Miura - son of company founder and legendary clubmaker Katsuhiro Miura -- have resulted in a driver and fairway woods that are worthy of the Miura name." (READ MORE...)

SST PURE® Announces its Expansion into Other Sports 


JUPITER, Fla.,-- SST PURE®, golf's global leader in computerized analysis and alignment of golf shafts, is expanding into other sports including fishing, archery and composite bats for softball and baseball, the company announced this week.

In the past, SST PURE has focused primarily on its golf shaft technology, however, there are applications in other sports that it is currently pursuing. SST believes opportunity for improvement potentially exists in any situation involving a cylindrical tube that is fixed at one end during use. In some cases, SST PURE is already working with equipment manufacturers in other sports. (READ MORE...)

Bloodline Golf Launches R1-J Blade Putter

Featuring Revolutionary Technology


Bloodline is proud to announce the introduction of its innovative Bloodline R1-J Blade putter which was played in the U.S. Open at Erin Hills this past week. Although the Bloodline brand only launched earlier this year, both their putter models have now been played on the PGA TOUR by players who have multiple major championship wins.

This product is so new, it is currently only available for purchase on Bloodline’s website at As more product becomes available, Bloodline will have demos and/or stock at select retail locations in the USA and in international markets.


The game-changing R1-J Blade allows a player to clearly see where the putter is aligned because they can walk behind it while it stands alone on the green. From behind the face, it’s possible to see the club, ball, target line, and hole without having to tilt your head or use your peripheral vision. Bloodline’s putter technology conforms to the Rules of Golf. (READ MORE...)

swingOIL...Get Loose and Swing Smooth TM

A few weeks ago, received a box of 24 packages of swingOIL from one of our communication sources in the golfing industry.  SwingOIL, is not your basic “power tonic” that gives you a kick or boost for an hour or so.  This liquid really works and works and works.  Yes, at first we were a bit reluctant to even consider reviewing a product of this nature for a golfing and travel website.  But, I said…let’s give it a try and see what happens.

So, with what I call my Wednesday golfing group, I distributed a package to each of the 12 players, including myself.  All of us are over 60 and we all have some kind or ache or pain…all of us!  I ask them to test swingOIL and let me know what they thought about this 3 ounce drink that comes in a foil-like package.  We all decided to drink it over ice and allow the ice to melt allowing for a very pleasant tasting drink while we warmed up on the driving range and putting green.  Later on, we decided to take the remaining packages and put them in the refrigerator so we could drink from the pouch it comes in. (PLEASE READ MORE...)


PALM DESERT, CA - Air Force One has unveiled its exciting new Air Foil fairway woods.

Offered in a 15-degree 3-wood and 19-degree 5-wood, the Air Foil features technology that helps shots get airborne quickly and easily. Because fairway woods generally sport a shallower clubface, their trampoline effect is reduced. The Air Foil's dual slot wave design, however, creates an accordion effect: The thin face flexes inward at impact, initiating the buildup of Nitrogen pressure inside the clubhead. Then a trampoline effect takes place, as the face is thrust back to its original position at a high velocity to generate rocketing ball speed and increased distance. The club design increases how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster ball speed across the face, which promotes consistently longer distance on every swing. The dual slot wave design creates a high launch angle with a tight dispersion, making an ideal fairway wood design for players who have difficulty hitting a 3-wood off the fairway. To further enhance shot performance, the nitrogen valve is positioned to increase MOI and create an optimum launch angle. (READ MORE...)

Air Force One Unveils Its Outstanding
AFX Game Improvement Set Of Irons For Any Golfer
…and, The Price Is Under $400!

Reviewing golf products at is serious business.  We do not take these items as a gift or incentive to say something good about golf equipment, fashions, etc.  If they are great, we say they are great and tell you why.  If not so great, we’ll call it like we see it.

We offered to review the new set of “Game Improvement Irons” from Air Force One (AFO).  When opening the package, we were most impressed with the look and feel of the 8 golf clubs.  They came as pitching wedge, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 & 3 hybrid.  Before taking these beauties to the course, we wanted to know the cost.  For what we were seeing and feeling the $399 price tag had us wondering if they would play just as well or better than ones we’ve reviewed approaching $1,000.  We’ll see!  (READ MORE....)

Muira KM-007 Mallet Putter
...A Sure-Fire Stroke Cutter!

To golfers, the putter is a personal thing.  It takes time to get use to using a putter and usually nearly one-half of your score is based on how well you putt.

Taking on the Miura KM-007 mallet putter became a very serious assignment for those of us at  There are literally hundreds of putters on the market.  So, how do we give one putter a review without taking on others?  But, we did.

For the first half-dozen balls I struck, the distance to the hole was short compared to the white hot I’m accustomed.  However, after a dozen or so putts, there was no comparison to the solid feel the KM-007 delivered.  I like the shape, the look, the feel and the positive response the KM-007 mallet putter gave me within less than 10 minutes on the putting green. 

The KM-007 Miura mallet putter is the fourth of five putters they offer.  The KM stands for the company’s founder, Katsuhiro Miura.  He begins the creation as all Miura putters using a billet of the finest quality of low-carbon steel. Once forged into the proper raw shape, the KM-007 mallet is computer-numeric controlled and milled into an elegant mallet-shaped design to please the eye of players looking for some heft behind the ball. (READ MORE...)

The New Hybrid Wedge From Black Magic Golf
For GoGolfandTravel readers, use the
CODE: hybrid wedge when you place an order, you will receive FREE SHIPPING.

Seems like every time we open an e-mail, golf magazine or watch a commercial on the Golf Channel, we see a new and improved golf club.  At we receive a lot of opportunities to test or review golf clubs.  In most cases we’ll take on the challenge to see what works and what doesn’t.  Recently we received a 55 degree HWedge from Black Magic Golf…the H stands for hybrid.

The HWedge offers a great face forward design in a wedge allowing you to hit higher shots within distances you would be accustomed from other wedges.  Except, the HWedge is so much easier to hit and come through the shot.  The hybrid body of this club gives you better spin and control of the ball when you need to go over a bunker or forced carry near the green.  (READ MORE ABOUT THIS HWedge...)


Editors’ Choice Awards Featured in May 2016 Issue

Pitchfix, a global market leader in switchblade divot tools and other golf products, has announced its latest product - the Twister 2.0 was named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in their first ever Editors’ Choice Awards. The Twister 2.0 is featured in the current issue of Golf Digest along with the other winners. An innovative divot repair tool, the Twister 2.0 improves on the original Twister, making ball mark repairs easier for golfers and continuing to help reduce pitch mark damage to greens.

The Twister’s patent pending exclusive technology features a revolutionary 3-pronged metal retractable system that out performs all other divot repair tools. The new and improved Twister 2.0 features: (READ MORE...)

The Aiming
…a device to keep your golf ball going in the right direction.

the aiming, golfMost teaching golf professionals give great instructions on grip, stance, balance, take-away, swing, follow through, etc.  Not much time is spent on instructing students on aiming the shots.  Where to align the feet and shoulders to hit the ball where you want it to go.  “The Aiming” is now the answer!  We mean it.  Several times a month receives golf related products to review in hopes that we will pass on to our reader’s positive comments.  

We take our reviews very seriously and call the shots where they fall.  So here is our review of “The Aiming.”

It works.  It’s simple to use doesn’t get in the way of your swing or delays your game.  (READ MORE ABOUT THIS DEVICE...)

New fitness tracker has your back, literally.

On average a person walks about 8,000-10,000 steps a day, adding up to 115,000 miles in a lifetime. Tracking steps is great for weight watchers, but what if their walk is wrong?

Introducing Zikto Walk, a new kind of wearable technology that counts steps, tracks 7200 data points per minute to monitor and recommend improvements to posture with a sleek, fashionable wristband. Not only does Zikto Walk help walkers correct their posture while they walk, it generates a workout plan to improve posture based on the user’s individual walking patterns.

According to walking expert Jonathan FitzGordon, incorrect walking posture has been linked to back and neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and sciatica, as well as to stress and low self-esteem (there’s a reason we admire people with “backbone,” and that no one wants to be called a “slouch”). Zikto Walk uses advanced technology and cutting edge design to empower people with information to improve their health and their body language. (READ MORE AND ORDER...)

Sight Ball...Golf’s ONLY On Ball Training/Alignment Aide
A Review & Information From

We at receive all kinds of golfing information, tips, products, etc.  From time to time, we like to do some testing and checking of products to see if they live up to the claims made by the marketing message.  When the Sight Ball arrived, we thought this might be something to explore and pass on to our reader…be it good or not so good.

First we took the Sight Ball to the putting green to see if it helped in anyways to keep the ball on line to the hole.  By lining up the Sight Ball to the direction you need to putt, given undulations, etc., it worked! Not being the greatest putter, but a fairly good one, we were able to sink about 75 percent.  Passed this test. (READ MORE...) Reviews...Swing Catalyst By Initial Force AS

In the past few years, has become more and more involved with providing reviews about different kinds of golf and travel products. When we discovered the Swing Catalyst was available, we did some research and decided to provide our readers with a review.

What we discovered is something we feel almost any golfer interested in improving their game will be interested in this FREE application for your iPhone. Upfront, let me tell you this app is not yet available for the android phone, only the iPhone and iPad. Your iPad will need to have the iOS7 or later to run the program. Go to the Apple Store and you can download the upgrade for free. I would highly suspect that most golfers have one or the other and probably both.

In speaking with several of our teaching professionals, we discovered they were very familiar with the app and most use it in one form or the other. From the teaching aspect, they prefer using the iPad because of the screen size. In our testing, we came to the same conclusion. Yes, if you have an iPhone, you will want it on your cell for the convenience. (READ MORE...)

Self-Install ClubCrown STRIPE -  A Review by

Today’s golfer enjoys their individuality whether in their selection of technology, golf equipment or creating their identity with their golf clubs. Well, ClubCrown STRIPE just might be your way of standing out from the rest of the foursome. The STRIPE from ClubCrown utilizes a revolutionary crown graphic technology that transforms the appearance of your driver or fairway wood into a custom design and provides you with an astounding alignment aid. was asked to put the ClubCrown STRIPE to the test of applying this alignment pattern to a driver and offer an unbiased review.

So we took on the assignment and here are our findings. (Read Full Review...)

Swing Caddie SC100 Provides Uncertain Golfers With a Distance Reality Check
Voice Caddie's Swing Caddie SC100 provides golfers with professional distance
and consistency pointers at a price every player can enjoy.

Leading independent review sites and golfers worldwide are raving about Voice Caddie's SC100 which offers everyday golfers elite technology at an affordable price.

The Swing Caddie SC100 is a handheld Doppler Radar-based portable golf launch monitor that gives golfers an instant five-stroke advantage. The SC100 easily allows the user to test and challenge his or her consistency and accuracy while measuring shot distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor. Operating in three pre-set modes, the SC100 generates visual feedback for users while tracking personal statistics for the last 100 shots taken - a system Voice Caddie has coined "Practice with a Purpose." (READ MORE...) Reviews Polara Golf’s New Advantage Driver

We were invited to “test” the new Advantage Driver made by Polara Golf. Reading the material that accompanied the stylish black driver, it promises to reduce hooks and slices up to 75%. It also touts that the club is designed to be the Longest Hitting Driver in Golf. Now who would’nt want to reduce hooks and slices as well as hit the golf ball further off the tee? I would!

Upon arriving at our headquarters in Tennessee where we overlook the 18th green of a beautiful golf course, I decided to stroll to the driving range some 150 yards away and give the Polara Advantage Driver a test. Now, I must admit I did receive a dozen Polara Ultimate Straight and XDS golf balls…promoted as the “World’s Only Self-Correcting Golf Balls.” They are sold as part of “the fix” to hooks and slices. No, I did not use the dozen balls on the range…but, later I did on the course. (READ MORE...)

Lost Golf Balls Review... By:

Here at we receive quite a few requests to review golf related products. When the people from inquired, we decided, why not?

Most of us have golfing buddies who will not play with anything but their favorite golf ball, be it a Titleist, Bridgestone, Top Flight, Srixon, etc. They insist it be a new ball and will only play it for so many holes and then discard or use it for that “water ball” shot.

Fortunately, I’ve never been that particular about the kind of golf ball I use or how many holes it has been played. I just need one that is not cut or damaged too much. Quite often I’ll find golf balls as I’m walking my dog in the early morning or late afternoon. Those I find and are in good shape, they go into my bag as an “O.P.” (other people) or LBF (last ball found). They surely can’t hurt my game.

So, the folks at down in Sugar Land, Texas sent us a few to examine and try out to see what we thought. I must admit, upon arrival, they all looked brand spanking new and much better than what was in my golf bag. Even asked a couple of my golfing buddies to try a few of these newly reclaimed golf balls to see what they thought.  (READ MORE...) Reviews ClubCrowns Applique For Drivers, Hybrids & Fairway Woods receives a lot of information about “what’s new” in golf courses, events, apparel, equipment and personalities. We sort out what would be of interest to our readers and keep descriptions as brief as possible.


ClubCrown offered for us to test an applique of an emblem or logo on the clubface of my TaylorMade driver. I was a bit apprehensive. Sort of like putting a tattoo on your forehead and walking up to your best buddy who doesn’t like tattoos. I agreed to have my University of Georgia logo applied to the top of my “Burner.”  (Read More...)


CLUBCROWN by VIVE Announces Brand Ambassador Program

NEW YORK CITY, NY - ClubCrown by VIVE is proud to announce its Brand Ambassador Program. ClubCrown's Brand Ambassadors are a team of individuals who are granted the exclusive franchise in a territory, to promote and independently sell and install ClubCrown's crown graphic technology on golf clubheads.

"Brand Ambassadors are the direct links between our company and the consumer," says Andrew Glaser, Founder and CEO of the company. "They purchase and inventory popular ClubCrown designs, and then offer them to golfers in their respective territories. These are people who love golf, believe in our product, and recognize its long-term growth opportunities. They are also hooked into their local golf scene, being connected to all of the area head pros, store managers, teaching pros, and publishers of local magazines and blogs." (Read More...)


NEW YORK CITY, NY - ClubCrown by VIVE has launched their premier Ship Your Club To Us Service, partnering with UPS to provide installation accessibility to customers across the United States.

Consumers can go onto the ClubCrown website, and pick from over 600+ crown graphics for their driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Designs include collegiate, country flags, racing stripes, spiders, skulls, flames, training aids, animal prints and many more. Much of the ClubCrown appeal is that they look as if they are painted on and maintain durability comparable to paint. In addition, ClubCrowns can be removed and replaced as often as you would like. (READ MORE...)

Belding Reveals "The American Collection" - A New Line of Handcrafted Luxury Golf Bags

OXNARD, CA. – Belding, an American manufacturer of luxury golf bags and accessories, today announced that the company has released the “American Collection,” a compilation of handcrafted golf bags that embody Belding’s lifestyle of golf.

“The new American Collection of golf bags combines the art of hand crafted production with Belding’s signature sense of style. Each luxury piece features the best leathers, fabrics and hardware available. We are extremely proud of this new line as it is a major component of Belding’s new product initiatives,” stated Belding Managing Director Dan Keogh. (Read More...)Putter2.jpg

BALTIMORE, MD. – STX Golf, known for producing classically inspired putters with a modern style, announced today that the company will be launching an entirely new series of putters which incorporate their patented F.E.E.L. Technology inserts with a bold and edgy insert color and deep black finish – the Pitch Black Series.

According to STX Golf Marketing Manager Jason Dengler, “As with all of STX Putters, the Pitch Black Series feature innovative designs, materials and appointments but what separates these new putters is their overall appeal. The black grip, shaft and head create a one piece appearance while the insert color and accents project from the head for unparalleled aesthetics and alignment." (Read More...)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Miura Golf has released its new SIT-460 driver, the Japanese company's biggest driver yet. Its large volume offers the benefits of a big-headed driver while its careful design offers a compact look not often found in such clubs.

The SIT-460 (SIT stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory) has an all-titanium head with a volume of 460 cubic centimeters, the maximum size allowed by the Rules of Golf. But patient and careful shaping by Shinei Miura, son of company founder and legendary club maker Katsuhiro Miura, has yielded a head that offers the golfer a much more compact look at address than other 460 cc drivers.  (Read More...)