Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas Destination
Offering World-Renowned Gaming, Entertainment and Recreation
In The Fantastic Underwater World of Ancient Atlantis

Story & Photos by: Ed & Fran Stone / Atlantis Public Relations

Harborside with Atlantis in the background showing the scope of this magnificent destination resort.
The 18th hole of the Tom Weiskopf-designed Ocean Club Golf Course offers guests a challenging round on the Atlantis Resort.

PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS – Entertaining, gorgeous, outrageous, incredible and all the other adjectives one can conjure up to describe the Atlantis Paradise Island destination are still not enough to express in words this world-class travel destination in a most beautiful tropical setting.

Golfing on the Tom Weiskopf-designed Ocean Club Golf Course offers guests of the Atlantis Resort every element for the perfect round. This is a most challenging and stunningly beautiful 18-hole par 72-championship course. Offering some of the most beautiful Bahamian coastline views, the Ocean Club Golf Course stretches over 7,100 yards on Paradise Island’s peninsula. Here, the crosswinds challenge even the most experienced players. This could easily be considered one of the most spectacular and challenging venues to play golf in the Caribbean.

Atlantis, Paradise Island rises magically from the turquoise lagoons and blue Atlantic of The Bahamas. It is known worldwide as a resort destination that has redefined entertainment and gaming in the tropics. Here is a tribute to fun and playfulness. Atlantis has been the perfect location for many films, television shows, concerts and sporting events that have emanated from the tropical destination.

This unique, ocean-themed destination offers a variety of guest accommodations; 40 restaurants, bars and lounges to satisfy any palette; the largest and most exciting casino in The Bahamas; extensive meeting facilities; and a marina capable of handling yachts of any size.

Water is the focal point of Atlantis. The resort is built around 20 million gallons of fresh and salt-water pools, lagoons and cascading waterfalls. Atlantis’ marine habitat is second only to Mother Nature in size, with an unparalleled assortment of exhibit lagoons and underwater formations - all located on a seemingly endless stretch of beach that has been called the most beautiful in the world. In recent years, the waterscape and marine habitats at this destination have become even more impressive with the opening of AQUAVENTURE, the lushly-landscaped water experience of rides and thrills and Dolphin Cay (pronounced “key”), the state-of-the-art dolphin education center and interaction habitat. (DISCOVER MORE ABOUT ATLANTIS)

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The Royal Towers is among the dramatic features of Atlantis with soaring arches, domes and spires.

In building Atlantis, Paradise Island, Kerzner International’s Chairman and CEO, Sol Kerzner, took the approach: “Let’s turn all the theories – plausible and implausible, inspirational, beautiful and outrageous – into a vacation experience that the world will never forget.” 

Among the dramatic features of Atlantis are its soaring arches, domes and spires, the enormous 70-foot ceiling of the Great Hall of Waters, and the spectacular and exclusive suite at any resort, The Bridge Suite. For these towering spaces, Dale Chihuly, an internationally acclaimed Seattle artist who has been called the Tiffany of the late 20th century, created overpowering sculptures of glass located in the Atlantis Casino, the dazzling Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon: huge tentacles of fiery reds and orange for the sun, extraordinary icy discs of blues and white for the moon. Chihuly also created a uniquely beautiful chandelier depicting sea life in the casino’s exclusive high-limit table area, once again, making water and marine life the focus at this awe-inspiring resort.  

The beautiful and very different Chihuly Chandelier.

These and many other features create a scale that is larger than life, an apt reflection of Sol Kerzner’s boundless and bold optimism and emphatic belief that a resort should transport its guests into a dazzling, imaginative world of its own.

Atlantis has served as the location for many entertainment and celebrity events, including: prime-time specials and sitcoms on major networks NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV and CW; popular US talk shows “Live! With Regis & Kelly” and “The Martha Stewart Show” and major motion pictures After the Sunset, Casino Royale and Duplicity. This is all in addition to the plethora of amazing parties and celebrity events that continue to draw entertainment’s biggest names – including performers Fergie, Carrie Underwood, Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and the Pussycat Dolls and guests such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, John Travolta, Kim Kardashian, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Liv Tyler, Rob Lowe, Claire Danes, Michael Jordan and Kanye West. (back to index)


There are 14 lagoons of more than 250 species and 50,000 live creatures from the oceans of the world in the open-air marine habitat at Atlantis.

The world’s largest open-air marine habitat, celebrates the world that is synonymous with Atlantis, the earth’s oceans. The marine habitat is Atlantis’ extraordinary celebration of the sea: 14 lagoons full of more than 250 species and 50,000 live creatures from the oceans of the world, including giant rays, sawfish, piranha, barracuda, rainbows of tiny tropical fish and, of course sharks, as well as some of the first species ever born in a man-made environment.

Within the Predator Lagoon is an underwater acrylic-viewing tunnel where guests come tooth-to-tooth with barracuda and several shark species. The winding Ruins Lagoon, the largest at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums facility, wanders through the luxurious Royal Towers, providing astonishing views of giant creatures of the sea. The Seagrapes Lagoon introduces guests to its nine-foot sawfish. The resort also offers 1,150 feet of waterfalls, underground grottos for wildlife viewing, a 100-foot suspension bridge for “aerial” viewing and much more. Guests can get up close and personal with Atlantis’s marine inhabitants during regular daily fish feedings in the lagoons – observing, interacting and learning about the varied sea life as the Atlantis Seakeepers tend to them. The Sea Keeper Adventurer program is available for those interested in a hands-on experience, as they work side-by-side for a day with the Aquarists and SeaKeepers throughout the resort.

The Dig mural is one of the features of a maze of underground passageways and tunnels offering underwater vistas into the boulevards and streets of the ruins of the lost city.

The myth of Atlantis comes alive in The Dig, a maze of underground passageways and tunnels offering underwater vistas into the boulevards and streets of the ruins of the lost city. Along the way are the laboratories of the ancient Atlanteans, with their inventions of electricity, flying machines and submarines; the royal treasury, guarded by deadly piranha, and endless opportunities to explore and immerse into a highly imaginative recreation of a mystery, complete with an entire hieroglyphic language to decipher.

The fun of Atlantis takes off in Aquaventure, the remarkable 140-acre playground of water thrills and swimming pools intertwined throughout the destination of Atlantis and each of the resort options.

In addition to the 13 swimming pools available to guests and, of course, the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis is home to a seven-acre snorkeling lagoon and a lazy river, which offers guests a subdued and relaxing ride as they float along, carried by a gentle current.

ABOVE: The Mayan Temple waterslide.
BELOW: The Power Tower is the grand icon of Aquaventure.

A life-size replica of an ancient Mayan Temple features a series of thrilling water rides, including The Leap of Faith, a 60-foot near perpendicular plunge ending in a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. The Serpent slide, 48 feet up the Temple, spins its riders into the blackness of the Temple’s mysterious core before they emerge through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely “shark-viewing” pace. The Challengers, two high-speed dueling slides and the Jungle Slide, which meanders through exotic jungles and caves, provide more thrills and excitement.

The Power Tower is the grand icon of Aquaventure. At 120 feet tall, the tower offers guests the choice of four adrenaline-inducing water slides including: The Abyss – an exhilarating body slide that starts at the top of the Power Tower and drops a staggering near-vertical 50 feet into total darkness, through a tumbling waterfall and finishing in a deep conote filled with menacing Alligator Gars. The Drop, The Falls and The Surge are three inner tube slides using “master-blaster” technology, which effectively creates roller coasters from jets of water that propel riders up and downhill at a fast pace. The Drop - spirals through the Power Tower’s dark center while The Falls - drops riders down 58 feet before propelling them up again through twisting turns. Both of these slides are accessible from the river, where guests can exit the river loop to a dry conveyor, allowing them to ride on their tube to the 58-foot-high level of the tower and then slide down through snake-like cylinders. The Surge - starts at the very top of the Power Tower (accessible by stairs), drops into a cavern and ends in a flash flood.

Surrounding the Power Tower is a complex river ride system with waves pushing inner tube riders through lush landscape.

The river loop, called The Current is approximately 1 mile long, contains nearly 3 million gallons of water, and harbors 7-foot high elevations and drops, as well as an area called The Rapids, featuring white-water rapids. A wave generator simulates a wave surge, propelling riders in their inner tubes along the course of the river on the wave crests.

Splasher, a children’s water play area and pool, provides a world of thrills for children less than 54 inches and their parents.

Splasher, a children’s water play area and pool, provides a world of thrills for children less than 54 inches and their parents. The elaborate Mayan-themed water play structure features two enclosed spiral body slides, one open spiral body slide, and a child-friendly version of the famous side-by-side Mayan Temple Challenger slides. Splashers also features cargo nets and rope bridges for climbing, and water cannons, fountains and water wheels for endless soaking. Overhead, a 320 gallon bucket regularly showers water-lovers below with 8,000 gallons of water per hour. Other swimming areas for younger guests include the nearby Ripples Pool, with miniature slides, and Poseidon’s Kid’s Pool, with fountains and in-water play structures. (back to index)


Atlantis guests have the opportunity to meet and interact in a spacious and natural environment.

Dolphin Cay is the dolphin interaction and education center located at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Dolphin Cay was created with the goal of enlightening and educating visitors about dolphins and various other marine mammals, including sea lions. Atlantis guests have the opportunity to meet and interact in a spacious and natural environment with one of the world’s most charismatic animals in an unparalleled encounter that is enriching for both the guests and the dolphins. The Trainer For A Day program allows guests to interact with these animals on a more intimate level, as they join the team of over 80 marine mammal specialists for their daily food preparation, training and positive reinforcements with these special marine mammals. (back to index)


As a leading family beach destination, Atlantis, which continually strives to awe and inspire guests of all ages, is considered to be one of the leading worldwide family beach destinations, and is recognized by Parents magazine as one of their “Ten Best Family Resorts.” From the surreal sea life to the heart-pounding water slides, even the youngest guest will be able to explore and discover the lost city of Atlantis.

Opened in December 2009, Atlantis Kids Adventures (AKA) is an 8,000 square-foot state-of-the-art kid’s club for resort guests ages 3-12.

Opened in December 2009, Atlantis Kids Adventures (AKA) is an 8,000 square-foot state-of-the-art kid’s club for resort guests ages 3-12. The programming at AKA allows kids to choose their own adventure at AKA, with staff Adventure Guides available to help with culinary lessons, interactive electronic art, theater and outdoor play – playing to each child’s interests.

AKA at Atlantis also breaks the mold with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology – throughout the play space – for both the entertainment and educational value it will provide young guests. Interactive, touch-screen walls, tables and floors, provide creative game play and artistic expression. Projections on the walls and floors feature schools of fish and other creatures that follow fingers and swim away from the touch of hands; lizards may chase their feet across the floor or beach balls may bounce around them.

In December 2010, Atlantis unveiled CRUSH - a $11 million cutting-edge Teen Club for teens ages 13-17. Designed by renowned architect and interior designer, Jeffrey Beers, the 14,000 square-foot space boasts an interactive internet lounge complete with: multi-touch computers and surface tables with photo editing and publishing interfaced to Facebook, a game room stocked with the most state-of-the-art technology including the new Microsoft flagship motion sensor product Kinect for Xbox 360, a floor-to-ceiling gaming tower with 24 gaming consoles, 10 private gaming cabanas, iPads for internet browsing and multi-purpose video walls decorating the dance club - think VIP sections, doormen and paparazzi! Inspiration for the space was provided to Atlantis by a series of teen focus groups.

Test out your creative abilities as guests have the opportunity to design and build their own remote control racecar or monster truck at Atlantis Speedway. Guests can put their driving skills to the test against other racers on one of two adrenaline infused courses. Atlantis Speedway participants will receive their own customized Atlantis Driver's License and carrying case for your vehicle. Atlantis Speedway is located in the Lower Level of Coral Towers.

Gamer’s Reef Arcade offers the latest electronic and video games. Teens can beat their best scores on games such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Top Skater; race each other in Fast and Furious; challenge a friend to a kung-fu dual in Tekken; or enjoy classic video games like Pacman and Galaga.

Earth & Fire Pottery Studio is where the entire family can have fun creating their own personalized artifacts from Atlantis. Guests select a piece of unpainted pottery -- from picture frames and plates to vases and candle holders -- and use an array of paints, sponges and stamps to personalize each piece. Each masterpiece is then baked in a kiln creating a unique gift or memento from their Atlantis vacation.  (back to index)


The Entertainment Center, which features the largest casino in The Bahamas, is home to 100,000 square feet of gaming, dining and entertainment space. Overlooking the azure waters of the lagoon and the ocean beyond, the casino offers a variety of gaming, from baccarat and craps to black jack, Caribbean stud poker and roulette to the Pegasus Race and Sports Book. A high-energy gaming area is reserved exclusively for high rollers. Players can test their luck at the high-limit slot machines while overlooking the Paradise Lagoon.

SeafireSteakhouse.JPG AuraDanceFloorW-Logo_1661RF.jpg CafeMartinique.JPG
Seafire Steakhouse The Aura dance floor Café Martinique Dining Room

AURA, yet another hotspot from Pure Management Group, operators of PURE, LAX, and Coyote Ugly, is located off the Atlantis Casino. Guests ascend the ethereal white granite staircase, allowing them to flirt with seduction in the intimate space, designed by Jeffrey Beers. Two ultra-VIP sections are raised above the electric dance floor, one cocooned by an alcove lit by playful candlelight and the second VIP area expands the length of the dance floor, providing for an intimate setting to watch the bacchanalia unfold. Guests of these exclusive areas can enjoy bottle service while looking directly across the pulsating dance floor to the DJ booth, the source of the rising temperatures and ultra-hot beats. The nightclub is designed to encourage guests to mingle and interact as they explore every aspect of luxury and decadence that is Aura.

Club Rush is a fully supervised “No Adults” private club setting where teens and ‘tweens can enjoy their own entertainment.

Nightlife at Atlantis is not for Adults-only -- kids own the night as well. The resort provides an array of evening activities, allowing parents to enjoy a night off for themselves.

With games including DJ Hero and Rock Band, a stage performance area, a computer area outfitted with iMacs and themed-nights, AKA evening programs become THE time “to be seen.” For the older, more sophisticated ‘tween or teen, Club Rush is a fully supervised “No Adults” private club setting where teens and ‘tweens (each with their own club hours) can socialize and enjoy their own entertainment – with no parents!  (back to index)


One of the most exciting features of Atlantis is the deep-water Atlantis Marina where the most luxurious mega-yachts dock, disembarking their passengers for an evening at the casino or a day of water activities. Capable of handling 63 yachts up to 220 feet in length and with it’s own 100-foot channel into Nassau Harbor, the Marina has made Atlantis the “Monté Carlo of the Americas,” attracting some of the most famous yachts from around the world.

Entrance to the Atlantis Marina.

Marina Village at Atlantis features a 65,000 square-foot marketplace, boasting superlative dining and world-class shopping all in one spectacular location, a definite must-see on any Bahamian travel itinerary.

Situated around the existing Marina at Atlantis, Marina Village resembles a quaint Bahamian marketplace, with three main plazas each defined by their own sense of place and style. The design features colorful paved walkways, lofty coconut trees, boldly painted buildings and lush vegetation, combined to create a spirited and authentic Bahamian setting. This charming and vibrant bazaar features 21 retail shops and five distinct restaurants, as well as local entertainment, giving visitors an unforgettable and distinctly Bahamian vacation experience. (back to index)


Sophisticated seafood, innovative sushi, quick bites, foods from around the world: the dining and entertainment experiences at Atlantis are as fabulously varied, exciting and multi-faceted as the resort itself.

ABOVE: Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famed restaurant, Nobu.
BELOW: Casa D’Angelo, helmed by Italian-born Chef Angelo Elia, adds to the impressive roster of gourmet cuisine and fine wine available at Atlantis.

Guests are welcomed into Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famed restaurant, Nobu, through a glowing green archway, just off the casino floor. The restaurant's perennial popularity and devoted following are a tribute to the Chef putting his own spin on traditional Japanese fare. A large bar and entryway provide seating for dinner guests as well as those simply looking to relax with a glass of wine or cocktail. In addition to two small-scale dining areas on either side of the main dining space, the hidden “jewel” of Nobu is the sake cellar.

Award-winning chef, television personality, cookbook author and restaurateur Bobby Flay brought the vibrant Southwestern cuisine of his nationally acclaimed Mesa Grill to The Cove Atlantis. The restaurant is Flay’s first outside of the United States and features vistas directly onto the beach and Atlantic Ocean. Famed interior architect, David Rockwell, designed the restaurant.

Casa D’Angelo, helmed by Italian-born Chef Angelo Elia, adds to the impressive roster of gourmet cuisine and fine wine available at Atlantis. Chef Elia is known as a modern-day, world-class chef with an old-country passion, conveyed through his traditional Tuscan dishes with Southern Italian accents.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has recreated the legendary Café Martinique in Marina Village. This restaurant was originally made famous by its appearance in the 1965 James Bond classic, Thunderball. The restaurant features a delectable menu of Classic French gourmet fare for which Chef Vongerichten is known. Iconic elements including a wrought-iron birdcage elevator, a dramatic mahogany staircase and elegantly etched glass windows help to rekindle its much-celebrated ambiance.

ABOVE: Bimini Road is a popular place at Marina Village.
BELOW: Casual dining at rmines Patio.

Other options in Marina Village include Bimini Road, welcoming diners looking for a thoroughly Bahamian experience — from the colorful Junkanoo décor to the savory local cuisine to the high-energy live music on the outdoor deck. Serving typical island fare, the restaurant offers a casual and festive dining experience, the centerpiece being a one-of-a-kind conch bar offering fresh, local conch prepared to order.

Seafire, a modern steakhouse that boasts a traditional butchery and wine market for Marina guests, offers an extensive menu of delicious grilled meat, poultry and fish entrees in addition to its signature dish—Spit Roasted Prime Rib. The high-pitched ceilings, large chandeliers and rustic brick wall illuminated by amber glass in the dining room at Seafire create an elegant yet relaxed ambiance.

Another option for guests at Marina Village is the ever popular New York institution, Carmine’s, which offers classic Italian cuisine, served family style on sumptuous platters meant to be shared. Enjoy some fun family favorites with an Island splash at Seagrapes and watch entrees come to life at its live-action cooking stations with an overflow of culinary delights from around the world, including our BBQ smoke station, American comfort foods and some Caribbean touches. For those visitors looking for a quick bite, Johnny Rockets never disappoints, with a menu of All-American favorites including juicy hamburgers, hand-dipped shakes and malts, and freshly baked apple pie. Starbucks and Jamba Juice offer their signature choices, as well as incorporate local Bahamian ingredients for new favorites. The Marina Pizzeria offers traditional pizza pies with your favorite toppings, and a few new Bahamian-inspired ones, at this modern, dockside pizzeria. (back to index)


In addition to gaming and entertainment, recreational opportunities at Atlantis include all manners of sports activities at the Sports Center and Atlantis Tennis Center, which feature a four-lane lap pool, six basketball hoops and six clay and hard tennis courts, respectively.

An enhanced fitness facility offers a variety of fitness classes, including comprehensive yoga and Pilates, set in new, contemporary studios, as well as in the freshly landscaped and tranquil yoga garden.

Climber’s Rush, a state-of-the-art rock climbing facility with 11 different rock-climbing surfaces and numerous routes on each surface was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s most renowned rock climbers.

Lazy river a great family activity. Cabbage Beach for sunbathing, swimming or strolling. Hole #7 of the beautiful Ocean Golf Club. Aquaventures Aquarium features preditors of the deep.

It challenges adventure-seeking guests by allowing them the opportunity to improve their climbing skills and practice new techniques, including lead climbing and rappelling. Beginners, and children as young as five, can also take advantage of Climber’s Rush with youth camps and beginner’s classes designed to create a level of comfort for new climbers of any age.

Climber’s Rush offers an orientation for guests to learn about the facets of climbing and begin their introduction to the sport on two novice-climbing routes.

The 30,000-square-foot flagship Mandara Spa reflects a contemporary; Balinese design and provides a complete range of sensory-satisfying treatments and services.

The luxurious, 30,000-square-foot flagship Mandara Spa reflects a contemporary; Balinese design and provides a complete range of sensory-satisfying treatments and services to rejuvenate the body and the spirit. The signature Mandara experience begins as soon as the guest arrives, as spa hosts guide visitors across a glass bridge and bamboo water garden leading to the reception area. All spa guests can partake in the signature Taking The Waters bathing experience, which includes sauna, steam, cold plunge, hot whirlpool and Asian showers or relax with herbal and Ayurvedic teas, before and after their treatments. Mandara Spa at Atlantis is home to the “Generation Y Spa” for teens and Time for Men grooming program. (back to index)


With more than a dozen luxury stores featuring everything from the world’s greatest designers to casual collectibles and the culture and craftsmanship of local Bahamian artisans, Marina Village at Atlantis is a shopper’s dream comes true!

All kinds of Bahamian items are available at the Marketplace Marina Village resembles a quaint Bahamian marketplace, featuring emeralds, silks and jewelry; a wide range of unique, high-quality logo goods

Situated around the existing Marina at Atlantis, Marina Village resembles a quaint Bahamian marketplace, featuring emeralds, silks and jewelry; a wide range of unique, high-quality logo goods; surf and casual wear; candles, pottery and local handmade items crafts from local Bahamian artisans.

The Crystal Court at Atlantis features a spectacular collection of designer stores that rivals the finest of Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive, including Gucci, Bvlgari, Cartier, Lalique, Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo.

In addition to the many fantastic shops within the resort, Atlantis’ owner and operator, Kerzner International, in conjunction with the Bahamian government, developed the $2.4 million Bahamas Craft Centre, nearby on Paradise Island, which offers the finest wares from artists and craftsman in The Bahamas. (back to index)


Harborside Resort at Atlantis

Like any popular destination, Atlantis offers several resort options, all with varying categories, including queen and king rooms, as well as regal, grand, presidential, and penthouse suites. The most famous accommodation at Atlantis, Paradise Island is the spectacular Bridge Suite.

The one-of-a-kind Bridge Suite, perched 17 stories above Atlantis and connecting the East and West wings of Royal Towers, offers panoramic views from its ceiling-to-floor windows of the Atlantic, nearby Nassau and the Marina at Atlantis. Guests of the $25,000-per-night Bridge Suite look down on the entire destination and resorts area. The suite offers 2,500 square feet of entertainment space, an 800-square foot balcony, two bedrooms and the ultimate in bathroom and living facilities and amenities.

Additional choices in lodging range from the 1,200 room Royal Towers, an architectural achievement of arches, domes and spires; to the more casual beach-styled Coral and Beach Towers; to the newest and most refined tower, The Reef Atlantis, a 497-key offering which features home-like accommodations on Paradise Beach; to The Cove Atlantis – a 600-room ultra-luxury resort, offering guests private all-adult and family pools, lavish cabanas and breathtaking views of the ocean at every turn.

The Beach Tower Lobby The Coral Towers guest bedroom The Reef Ocean deluxe bedroom

Each accommodation offers guests a different perspective of this ocean destination, as well as the latest in technology and in-room amenities. Atlantis has implemented the NXTV entertainment and information system, featuring digital movies, Internet services and folio review/express check out on the guestroom televisions (32” flat screen LCDs in Royal Towers, The Cove and The Reef). All guestrooms offer a wired port for high-speed Internet access, and wireless access is available in areas throughout the resort.

The Imperial Ballroom Atlantis offers meeting space for all sizes of groups.

True to Kerzner International’s reputation for delivering the highest standards in facilities and services down to the smallest detail, all accommodations at any resort at Atlantis, Paradise Island offer a level of quality which continues to set the standards of vacation pleasure in The Bahamas.  (back to index)

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