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How you look and present yourself in the clubhouse, on the golf course or traveling to your favorite resort may not help your score or get you upgraded accommodations, but at least you will appear in style.  This section is dedicated to presenting the latest in golf and travel wear and fashion.  In most cases, we have tested and tried all products shown in this section.

If you have discovered or tried something we are not featuring and feel that others would be interested in knowing about, please e-mail us at  Or, should you be a golf and travel supplier, please send us your releases and information about your products.


During the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, was introduced to the Bermuda Sands Apparel.  Very impressed with the look, feel and variety of this brand, we wanted to make our readers aware of this brand of golfing sportswear.

Bermuda Sands is relatively new to the market, having been created in 2009.  Bermuda Sands Apparel provides innovative golf apparel.  

Quoting from the company’s website, they “use a vertical company design to create garments of impeccable quality. Being vertical allows us to maintain a level of control so every garment is our best. We design, source, manufacture and market in-house, with singular focus. We have several different collections that are designed with our customers in mind. From our Bermuda Sands Collection, through our BSXP and Storm Cotton™ lines, we have just what you're looking for.

At Bermuda Sands, we have a singular focus. We are driven to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and superior golf apparel at unrivaled prices.” feels this is a brand of sports apparel that our readers would enjoy knowing about as they provide products for all the family. The following is a sampling of the new 2017 Spring line of Bermuda Sands Apparel.  (READ MORE...)


Toronto, ON, Canada --- Biion Footwear, a Canadian manufacturer of versatile, classically inspired, EVA Oxford Brogue shoes has launched their new signature LUX Collection into fashion retailers around the globe and sales have flourished for the young company.

Biion Footwear has been riding a huge wave of success. Within two short years, the company's global distribution has reached over 20 countries including Canada, the United States, Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, and South Africa. This growth has exceeded all expectations for the dynamic, expanding, Biion brand. (READ MORE...)

Antigua Announces Spring 2017 Women's Golf Collection

The Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand - debuted its Spring 2017 Women's Golf Collection.
"The 2017 ladies golf collection is a continuation of the simplicity that the '16 line embodied," says Danielle Dellios, Antigua women's designer. "In the new collection, fabrics and colors play a key role versus styling and silhouette. The market was calling for a fresh take on primary color, which was made possible by mixing colors together. Thus, each grouping consists of two primaries. For example, our new green color, Cypress, is mixed with a bright blue color, Cabana. There are a total of four color combos, each mixing two primary colors. Every printed, striped or colorblocked style within the collection mixes the two colors, instead of using traditional neutral accents like grey or khaki. Combining two complementary primary shades really pops. Prints are as strong as ever in the marketplace, which meant creating unique artwork that could also be used to mix colors and give new life to basic styles." (READ MORE...)

Antigua Announces Spring 2017 Men's Performance 72 Collection

The Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand - announced its Spring 2017 Men's Performance 72 Collection.
This latest apparel offers the technology of today's functional fabrics and the garments they're styled into -- well worth a wardrobe update. "As this new performance collection sits alongside comparisons to styles of previous decades, a picture wouldn't do it justice - there's a need to touch, feel, wear and play it, to truly get a sense of its inherent value," says Sean Gregg, Antigua's Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Support. (READ MORE...)

Carnoustie Sportswear Debuts Spring '17 Men's Collection

IRVINE, CA - Golf apparel manufacturer Carnoustie Sportswear has unveiled its Spring '17 men's collection of Performance Knits, Performance Outerwear and Waterproof Styles -- as well as some other surprises.

Performance Knits
Carnoustie"Our collection of performance knits for Spring '17 continues to expand based upon the tremendous reception this segment of our collection has received since its 2014 introduction," says company CEO Marshall Mancillas. "We introduced a beautiful mélange solid for Fall 16, and for Spring '17 we've developed new colors appropriate for the season -- such as amethyst, melon, spearmint and sky. This mélange fabric is nuanced and has a dimension that ordinary piece dyed solids cannot approach. The use of the finest microfiber polyester blended with generous amounts of lycra ensure a luxurious hand and comfort." (READ MORE...)

Imperial Headwear’s Coolcore® Caps Are Very Cool

Hats come in all shapes and sizes.  Everybody love a hat.  Just about every golfer wears either a visor or a hat.  Most women wear visors, most men wear a hat.  Finding a hat that fits is like finding a pair of shoes that’s Imperial Headware Coolcorecomfortable and fits.  But finding a hat that fits, comfortable and cool in warm weather, is like finding a long-lost friend…it just feels right.  That’s what Imperial headwear has done with the patented, chemical-free Coolcore materials that delivers three distinct functions.  The advanced expertise built in the Coolcore® caps does wicking, moisture circulation and regulates evaporation with the material used in the hats now available through the e-commerce website ( and at selected golf pro shops.  

The Coolcore® caps can reduce the surface fabric by as much as 30 percent.  The Coolcore fabric formulations earned the prestigious "Innovative Technology" recognition from the Hohenstein Institute, a first for a U.S. company and the only company globally to be awarded this recognition for "Cooling Power".  (READ MORE...)

SuniceAlbanyJacket.jpgSunice®, Canada's No. 1 outerwear brand, is pleased to debut its Albany jacket from the Hurricane Collection.  

The Albany jacket is a new style for the Sunice Hurricane Collection, and is 25% lighter with 25% more stretch than other jackets in its category. The Albany jacket utilizes Gore-Tex®, an innovated high performance fabric exclusive to the Hurricane Collection that is designed to provide comfort and protection for intense climates and weather conditions.  (Read More...)

Antigua Launches Accessories Line of Hats and Executive Luggage

The Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of genuine sports apparel under its Antigua brand - has expanded their golf performance line to include a new collection of performance hats and a variety of executive quality and sport inspired luggage styles. (Read More...)