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Looking For Personal Golf Instruction?
Check Out Bird Golf Academy visited one of the Bird Golf Academy's school to see what made it so different.  We found it to be a superb one-on-one instructional school with PGA/LPGA professionals.  They all have extensive teaching backgrounds and are also Tour Winners as well.  Their professional golf instructors include an LPGA National Teacher of the Year, PGA Master Professionals, multiple award-winning PGA Professionals and winners of the U.S. Open, the LPGA Championship and various LPGA Tour events, as well as six members of various Golf Halls of Fame. All of the Bird Golf Professionals have been PGA or LPGA Professionals for a minimum of 20 years.  These guys and gals are some of the finest and we highly recommend them.  Check them out at


Sharpen your golf game with tips from Rea Schuessler of Gulf Shores Golf Academy.  Contact Rea at: (251) 978-1625 or Email:  We hope these YouTube videos will help improve your game.  (CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE VIDEOS...)

Need to fine tune your golf game?  Check out these Golf Drills and Helpful Hitnts from Billy May, PGA Golf Professional.


David Leadbetter is one of golf's better teachers.  Click on the following link for his pointers on "how to improve your iron shots."

 Here is a great video on "how to sink more putts."  Very simple and very good.

Longer drives...J.B. Holmes shows "how to get power off the tee."  Check it out!

The USGA® Handicapping Information:

Many golfers may not understand how the handicap system works.  The USGA® offers publications containing all the pertinent information one would need in understanding how a handicap works, how to obtain a USGA Handicap Index® and various scenarios that can affect a handicap. These publications may be viewed online and many of these publications are contained in the Handicap Chairman Information Kit for the Handicap Chairman which also includes more than 15 articles. To view a couple of the publications we have posted as pdf's can be viewed online, please click on the links below, or to purchase these publications, please visit the USGA Publications Store.
USGA Handicap Information
USGA Handicap Calculator
USGA Handicap Manual

Course Handicap Maximum Number on any Hole
9 or less
Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 10