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Every now and then, we find a story or something of interest, we think, a golfer would enjoy reading.

Here are our latest:

18 Holes With Bing:
Golf, Life, and Lessons from Dad

Story by: Mike May

If you never had the chance to meet or see a live performance by the late, great Bing Crosby, then I highly suggest you read 18 Holes with Bing – a series of stories about this American entertainment icon, through the memories and recollections of his youngest child, Nathaniel Crosby, who won the 1981 U.S. Amateur at the Olympic Club. In essence, this book was written by a golfer about another golfer.  It just so happens that the author is a son who wrote about his father.  Not surprisingly, the book has 18 chapters -- very appropriate for a book with a golf theme. (REAM MORE OF THIS STORY...)


Are you having a ball on the golf course these days? If not, maybe it has to do with the ball you have.

When it comes to buying a golf ball, consumers have dozens of choices as to what dozen they want to tee up. It really is the most important piece of equipment for a golfer because it’s the one thing you use for every shot. But all those choices!

“Every manufacturer has a golf ball built for a certain player that’s going to give you a certain result,” says Chris Melbourne with Red Deer, Alberta’s Golf Town outlet. (READ MORE...)

"Ray Stevens' Nashville"
A story of one of Nashville's most entertaining people. 
Filled with behind the scenes stories of Music City, USA.

Ray Stevens is funny. Over the past fifty years, he has enjoyed a very successful career singing funny songs, like “The Streak,” “Shriner’s Convention,” and lots of big hits such as “Everything Is Beautiful.” However, in his book, “Ray Stevens’ Nashville,” he is adamant that he is a musician. Indeed, he is a very talented musician in every respect…and, funny.  (READ MORE...)

Playing Golf In The Northwest USA

Story by: Steve Giordano
Past President, Society of American Travel Writers

Terry Lewis

Northwest golf courses are great, says Terry Lewis, a Bellingham attorney who plays about 40 rounds a year. He's played on both sides of the Canadian border and at several Oregon courses.

``Our local courses are as good as anywhere,'' he says. ``You'd have to go to Monterey or Hilton Head Island to find better courses.''

Lewis plays about twice a week in the summertime, but knows a lot of people who play more than a hundred rounds a year.

Golf courses in the Northwest are accessible and relatively inexpensive, and new courses are opening up all the time. (READ MORE...)

Arnold Palmer Turing 86
By: David Whitley, Orlando Sentinel
September 10, 2015

Arnold Palmer has played in 50 Masters and is still an honorary starter at Augusta.

The King was born September 10, 1929. There’s no record what Arnold Palmer weighed at birth, but there is no doubt he became one of America’s true heavyweight sports figures.

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, Palmer truly walked (and golfed) with presidents and kings but didn’t lose the common touch. Here are 86 reasons to celebrate Arnie on his big day:

1. He made hitching up your pants cool.

2. He brought big-time golf to Orlando, turning the sleepy Florida Citrus Open into the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

3. He signed a zillion autographs — all of them legibly.

4. He beat prostate cancer.  (READ THE OTHER 82 REASONS...)

By: Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels

The title says it all.  Whether or not you've visited all the places or experienced these things,Charlie talks about, this well produced video is a MUST SEE.  What he says and is shown in beautiful photos is well worth your time for viewing.




 “The Ultimate Round”
Pebble Beach Golf Links Book Released

The Ultimate Round Pebble BeachMonterey, CA – “The Ultimate Round – Pebble Beach Golf Links: An Illustrated Guide to America’s Majestic Dream Course,” a compendium of Pebble Beach Golf Links never before published, combines breathtaking hole-by-hole imagery and state-of-the-art graphics with historical anecdotes for each hole and essays by golf industry notables, and some lively cartoon graphics, as well.

This engaging new book by world-renowned photographer Joann Dost is now available at and through Pebble Beach Resorts.

“Pebble Beach and Joann Dost—a pair of American treasures,” says Jim Nantz, CBS Sportscaster and Pebble Beach resident. “This book brings you as close to actually playing this classic seaside links course as only Joann can. Enjoy all the majesty of this hole-by-hole experience.”  (READ MORE...)


Affectionately known as "Mayor of Music Row" in Nashville, Tennessee, Charlie has written and produced this very special narration of "My Wife."  It is so down to earth, so simple and yet so true about anyone who has a great wife.  It has nothing to do with golf, but is something we wanted to share with our readers.

Many of you may listen to Charlie each weekday mornings on Sirius XM's "Willie's Roadhouse."

Read more about Charlie's background and career.

I know you will enjoy listening to this message of only 4 minutes.


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Have you ever just wanted to play St. Andrews but you just haven't found the time to hop over the pond? Add to that, wouldn't it be nice to play a course like St. Andrews (80 courses to date and the database is growing) and be able to work on your game by get real time feedback by an incredible integrated Full Swing Simulator system.

Full swing simulators have come a long long way. Now it is possible to play some of the most famous golf courses in the World because the leader in Golf Simulators, Full Swing Golf, has changed everything you know about the game. They have created the most unique state of the art technologically advanced fully integrated golf simulator that will absolutely blow your mind into the stratosphere. Their indoor golf experience that will not only change the way you think about practicing, but will allow you to see first hand by advanced technology exactly what you, the club and ball are doing with every absolute 'REAL TIME'.  (READ MORE...)

"Ray Stevens' Nashville"
A story of one of Nashville's most entertaining people. 
Filled with behind the scenes stories of Music City, USA.

Ray Stevens is funny. Over the past fifty years, he has enjoyed a very successful career singing funny songs, like “The Streak,” “Shriner’s Convention,” and lots of big hits such as “Everything Is Beautiful.” However, in his book, “Ray Stevens’ Nashville,” he is adamant that he is a musician. Indeed, he is a very talented musician in every respect…and, funny.  (READ MORE...)


Westwood, Kansas - Renowned professional golfer and World Golf Hall of Famer Tom Watson has announced the release of over 20 new lessons for his very popular and successful Lessons of a Lifetime DVD set.

"I felt it was time to provide further instruction in areas not just about hitting the shots, but also about the mental approach of playing the game," says Watson. "One of the many great things about golf is that it can never be mastered. Sure you can have a good run of play, but sooner or later the wheels will come off. I've been experiencing the game for half a century, and I promise you I'm still learning."  (Learn More...)


If golf courses are the soul of a golf club, then the clubhouse is the heart. The private inner sanctum for member camaraderie and refreshment appeared in golf’s earliest history, but purpose-built clubhouses didn’t exist until the nineteenth century. Focusing on the most celebrated golf clubhouses built from the latenineteenth
century and into the 1930s, Legendary Golf Clubhouses of the U.S. and Great Britain showcases the true golden age of golf clubhouse architecture.  (Read More & Order...)


Revised and Updated Edition, Jeff Barr, General Editor

This latest book in the hugely popular 1001 series showcases the world’s best golf holes—a must-have
volume for anyone who loves the game, and the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Covering 3-par, 4-par, and 5-par, the challenging, the scenic, the celebrity-designed, and the most demanding, this magnificent guide lets you discover the 1001 holes the avid golfer would love to play.

Each entry includes the official course name, location, hole number, length, par, designer, and critical course comments. Longer entries give further insight into playing the hole, the designer’s intention, and the history of the greats who have played there. For ease of use, the holes are indexed by course, name, designer, and location at the back of the book. Every golfer dreams of the chance to play great holes the world over, and this book takes you to the best.  (Read More & Order...)


Butch Harmon has released a comprehensive golf instructional two-DVD set titled "Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist".

"My thoughts were to create a DVD that was designed to help your game, capture and retain your interest, and to entertain you. Unlike any other golf instructional DVD ever produced, I'll share my thoughts supplemented with those of the game's greatest golfers that I've had the privilege of working with," says Harmon. (Read More and Order...)

By Ron Kaspriske / Foreword by David Leadbetter

Contributions by Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Jim McLean, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Watson

Universe is proud to publish in association with Golf Digest the definitive resource for coaching and playing golf at any level, as taught by today’s best instructors, coaches, and professional golfers.

More than six million golfers turn to the pages of Golf Digest for answers to their most perplexing golf questions and for tips on how to improve their game. Now, Golf Digest turns to its team of players, teachers, and advisors to compile the definitive instruction manual. This ultimate instruction book includes easy-to-follow advice and photos illustrating the skills players of all levels need to improve their game from green to tee.  (Read More and Order...)

The Fed Man, by James Mohs: A serial killer is gruesomely murdering teens in a small Minnesota town, and it’s up to retired special agent Nube Lawson to stop the murderer before he strikes again. 

After the tragic death of his wife and unborn child, Nube Lawson hopes to put some distance between him and the memory of his sweet wife, so he retreats from the busy streets of Washington, D.C., and his demanding career as an FBI special agent to a small Minnesota town. He spends his days maintaining a golf course, playing a few rounds with the guys, and sitting on the porch with his dog. (Read More and Order...

Golf Journey's and Cultures...By Andy & Paul Marshall


"The Open" - Golf's Oldest Major

The Basic Book of Digital Photography by Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm


18 Little Known Fact About The Famous August National Golf Course, Home of the Masters.

Hey: Take 5:34 and watch this entertaining and hilarious video of: "Animal Encounters on the PGA Tour." Check out the 10 most memorable animal encounters. CLICK HERE.

John Denver sings 18 holes...the tune of 16 tons...very entertaining and a must listen for a golfer.

Interesting and fun facts about golf...enjoy!

24 Laws of Golf...ths is some funny stuff!

Foot Golf?
Yes, it is one of the fastest growing sport in the World and it is coming to America.  Check out this video and you'll see how it is played...just like golf, except you kick it like a soccer ball.  Looks like fun.  Here is a map of where it is already being played.  Stay tuned.